despre noi

informal, confortabil, nostalgic și foarte personal, ne dorim ca „balls.” să fie pentru toată lumea și toate buzunarele. chiftelele și cultura din jurul lor au fost idea inițială a poveștii noastre începută în 2019, meniul îmbogățindu-se firesc prin oamenii care ne-au călcat pragul – colegi și clienți deopotrivă.



people say about us...

love at first sight and bite. the place looked sooo beyond cool and the food was great - i loved everything from start(er) to finish. deep fried olives, sour veggie soup, shroom balls, mash and pickled cabbage salad were all equally tasty, i’m struggling to pick a favourite. will most definitely return (and rave about it to everyone i know who enjoys good food!)


amazing place, I highly recommend it. staff is supercool and really nice. decent portions and fair price.

Tibor Agić

earthy, feel-good food that you always wish you could find when you travel. faster than fast food and a million times more nutritious. not only filling, it's very tasty too, with several options for vegetarians. drinks: the lemonade is amazing! lovely staff made up of young people with a purpose.

Enrico Crivellaro

this place feels like home. very colourful, great menu and very cool people. the food is just amazing. even better than grandma used to cook. for the money you get a large enough meal that will make you feel like you made the best decision to eat here today.

Alex Popa